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You can now take part in your favourite band’s successes and influence their breakthrough each step of the way - all while you are getting exclusive rewards!

Your favourite band needs you

Search for bands and active campaigns. Follow the campaign page to see how you can collaborate with the band and help them release new music.

Be the #1 fan

As you participate in the campaigns, you get rewarded directly by the band. Welcome aboard the team! See some of the rewards available below.

Employ your passion for music

Complete the challenges described on the campaign page, i.e. submit your version of the cover art. You are now co-creating a release campaign with the band and helping them take the music to market!

Get Rewarded

Participate in competitions on the Campaign Page by submitting your cool artwork, if your work is selected by the band you can get amazing rewards like the below. You can also share the winning content and get rewarded as the campaign goes viral!

Concert Tickets

Featured Artwork

Signed Product


Cool Merch

Exclusive Access

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