Advocates vs Followers – Building your artist business.

This week we want to talk to you about ‘advocates’ versus followers. At Banders, we believe that you don’t need a million fans to create a movement, just the right ones. The key to building a sustainable artist business is cultivating advocates who are proven to be “at least 5x more valuable than your average fan or follower.

Fans are a vital part of an artists’ ecosystem – the participation, investment and dedication they provide could be what’s missing to take you to the next level. The dynamic between an artist and their fans is something special that can propel a career forward. If harnessed properly, this highly valuable relationship can help you create the advocates you need to achieve sustainable success. A recent study by Deloitte found advocates to be the most “cost effective form of marketing with a very high return on investment”.

That’s where we come in.

Banders helps build these advocates by getting fans involved in your digital story, amplifying your reach whilst offering fans a unique collaborative experience with their favourite artist.

How can you cultivate advocates from your fanbase?

The first step is creating an authentic dialogue and finding a common core value with them.
With our curated campaigns, it is easy to start that process with your existing audience. Not only will we help create a strong community fit for collaboration, it will be a space that continuously invites new fans thanks to the genuine atmosphere created by artist-fan collaboration.

Chasing vanity metrics such as social media follows is not always the sustainable answer for an artist to make. Identifying those in your audience willing to go the extra mile and cultivating those relationships is the sustainable answer.

Follow this link to signup for more insight on how to establish sustainable success: bit.ly/BandersCommunity

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