Build a direct-to-fan business and start monetising the core segment of your fanbase

Last week we got into the importance of growing the value of your audience vs growing the size of your audience. Our tool helps you increase the potential value of your audience by converting casual fans to devoted fans – but how do you commercialise this segment and exploit that value most effectively?

Our digital era has made it is easier than ever to share your creativity with the world and harder than ever to get paid for your recorded music. In 2020, it’s become near impossible to play live.

That leaves us with the third possible revenue stream that technology has enabled: fan relationships.

By making the distinction between casual fans and what we call ‘advocates’ i.e. committed and devoted fans, you have the opportunity to build a ‘direct-to-fan’ business. We believe longer-term success comes from building an artist business that directly serves a niche, global fanbase with a relatively low number of highly valuable, passionate fans.

Our Banders Campaigns are aimed at converting your casual  fans to devoted, committed fans, i.e. ‘advocates’.

Our motto of ‘you don’t need a million fans to start a movement, just the right ones‘ goes against the current idea of success in the music industry – using follow for follow tactics and chasing playlists very rarely amounts to any kind of sustained listening. Stop chasing vanity metrics and start building an artist business that you are in control of. We provide a way of building on the metric that is the backbone of any sustainable artist business – valuable advocates.

With a core fan segment of advocates, you can create new revenue streams like; direct-to-fan sales, fan-funding, donations, endorsements and much more.

The journey towards a profitable direct-to-fan business is different for each artist.

Follow this link to signup for more insight on how to establish sustainable success: bit.ly/BandersCommunity

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