How Banders can cultivate advocates for you.

By now you know that advocates are extremely valuable. Last week we gave you some insight as to why that is, as well as some tips for asking your community for support. Today we want to talk to you about how we actually cultivate advocates.

Banders is all about fan to advocate conversion. As inventors of crowdsourced PR, our team of experts cultivates devoted fans or ‘advocates’ from your followers and identifies who will go that extra mile for you.
By asking your fans the right way, we collect authentic, fan-initiated content that will help cement your community context and effectively promote your release – ensuring an easy way for fans to champion you and your music.

Via our platform, you can set up campaigns that gives your fans a unique experience by inviting them to collaborate with their favourite artist by submitting a piece of content. This could be anything from an alternative version of your cover art to a written review to a remix…anything you could use for your projects! We set up these tailored campaigns and help you come up with how to ask your fans to participate in your project, which is the key to turning fans into valuable advocates. Check out the case study category of our blog to read about specific examples.

Among the many benefits of Banders, the very pertinent feature of our platform is that we make it extremely easy to foster this collaborative relationship and to export the data of your cultivated advocates, allowing you to continue to service and monetise this valuable segment of your audience in the long run.

By cultivating advocates who care about you as an artist and a person, we operates on 3 main levels:
Strengthening your community, growing your fanbase and generating sales. Depending on what stage you are in with your career or release cycle, one of those three levels is what you need to be concentrating on.

Follow this link to signup for more insight on how to establish sustainable success: bit.ly/BandersCommunity

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