It’s time to own your audience – access valuable data with Banders and jumpstart your career.

Today we want to highlight the importance of owned data versus borrowed data and the role it plays in creating any sustainable artist business. Read on to hear how Banders can get you more of the data you need!

We’ve said it more than a few times, you can have great music, but without an audience or fanbase, building a business around your art is impossible. We talk about the Music Industry, but as Cris Cooke of CMU puts it, it’s really the Fan Industry. Building a fanbase can be tricky and is arguably much harder than it once was as more people than ever before are trying to build revenue around content, not just music. We are here to help artists cut through that noise.

Our tool gives you access to the most valuable source of data: fan emails.

Although the format is seen as a formal one, it gives you a direct line to your fans, whereas using other platforms like Instagram or Facebook is ultimately feeding that companies’ audience, not yours. In addition, social platforms come and go, even if you predominantly talk to your fans on other socials, email can give you really valuable data that allows you to easily identify your advocates and effectively monetise them. Whether it be through a monthly mailout, special announcements or exclusive content, actually owning this segment of data is invaluable for any artist business.

For a sustainable business you need to keep your fans engaged, otherwise you’ll get lost in the noise. You also need sustained listening, a successful launch does not necessarily translate into a living, you need a strong connection with your fanbase. Then you need to foster those relationships and monetise them.

Our tools help you do that.

Follow this link to signup for more insight on how to establish sustainable success: bit.ly/BandersCommunity

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