IZZA – turning “Lows” into highs.

This weeks dose of inspiration is administered by IZZA, with her Banders campaign for her new track “Lows”. Taking advantage of the fact that we are all stuck at home, she found a way to include her fans in a live performance.

The song is deeply rooted in mental health, and so the main goal of Izza’s campaign was to show her fans the importance of loving themselves and being kind to themselves – even when they have lows. It’s normal and everyone has #lows. We wanted to create a community around “Lows”, and we did. Split into two parts, Izza first asked her fans to submit photos of them recreating the LOWS cover pose. This part of her campaign has come to an end, and the results are stunning. Izza used all her submissions to create a backdrop to a live stream featuring her fans poses.

Banders strives to create movements that encourages creativity from both fans and artists alike in order to foster a community! This first campaign of Izza’s reflects that endeavour! Greatly successful in fan activation and engagement, our first ask being very accessible for fans is what started it all. It allowed them to take a leap and try something new with an artist they listen to, which resulted in them becoming a part of a community ready for further collaboration.

Check out the second part of her campaign on our platform.

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