Naives aimed to increase and build a stronger fan community identity on the back of their appearance on the Apprentice UK. We would help them do so by inviting Apprentice UK viewers to have a go at producing alternative brand content and a remix of Naive’s new track — the same challenge the apprentice candidates had faced on the show.



· When the Banders Campaign launched on social media, post engagements sky-rocketed with a 3000% increase, reaching 85,000 potential Naives fans!

· We started a relevant conversation driven by fans sharing the launch post and tagging their friends inviting them to participate, that strengthened their community and massively expanded the organic reach of their potential fanbase!

· 2346 campaign page visits show that 48% of their social following was ready to engage on an advocacy level!

The journey

At Banders, our main goal is to empower artists to mobilise their fans to achieve cost-effective PR and supercharge word-of-mouth pull. The dynamic between artists and their fans is something special that if harnessed properly, can propel artists forward while giving the fans a unique collaborative experience with their favourite act!

Wanting to grow and strengthen their community through building advocates, Naives asked their fans, and Apprentice UK viewers, to create a remix of their song ‘I have to go’ and new ‘Cover Art’ for their single using our collaborative PR timeline, offering the best submission a feature on their Spotify. We sought to expand their advocate base by engaging with apprentice viewers as Naives had previously been a part of that show.

By starting relevant conversations, we saw a reach of 85,000 driven by how the Apprentice viewers took to the challenge and shared the post in existing community groups, tagged their friends and challenged them to participate. 92% of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from friends and family far more than any sort of traditional form of advertising. This staggering increase of 3000% in engagement cultivated advocates that are known in the long term to deliver 80% of total revenue, making it a great first step towards mobilising Naives’ fans for future endeavours.

Follow this link to signup for more insight on how to establish sustainable success: bit.ly/BandersCommunity

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