The Best of October and how we converted casual listeners to committed fans.

October saw many interesting Banders campaigns. Today we will highlight two that demonstrates the way we convert casual fans to committed fans and explore why this forms the foundation of a sustainable direct-to-fan business.

First, let’s take a look at an ongoing campaign. With the call to join her ‘You’re Loved Club’, Ebony Buckle has established that in 2020 #selfloveisthebestlove. The aim of this campaign is to convert followers to committed fans or advocates and then monetise them through Patreon. The long term goal is to increase her Patreon subscribers by 10%. By asking fans to submit pictures of giving themselves a hug, Ebony is creating alternative cover art for her ‘You’re Loved Club’  to help promote her Patreon. Once the campaign is over, Ebony can export all the email addresses from the participating fans and give them a free month on her Patreon mailing list. The end goal is to convert them to paid Patreon subscribers on the ‘You’re Loved Club’ at the end of that month.

The journey towards a profitable direct-to-fan business is different for each artist. 

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With the release of his new album, Caleb Hawley asked his fans to help him out with a lyric video for the single ‘Circular Thing’. By submitting short video snippets the fans became collaborators of the final video; as co-creators of value, they are already prone to spread the word about the new single, but our tool further incentivises them to share their submission and as they do, Caleb’s streaming link will follow, optimising the organic reach. He can now export a significant list of his collaborator’s emails and categorise them as ‘committed fans’ or advocates in this database ready to be served through a direct-to-fan offer.

Figuring out the best ask for your fans can be hard, and is different for each artist. 

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Our motto of ‘you don’t need a million fans to start a movement, just the right ones‘ goes against today’s idea of success in the music industry – using follow for follow tactics and chasing playlists very rarely amounts to any kind of sustained listening. Stop chasing vanity metrics and start building an artist business that you are in control of.

We provide a way of building on the metric that is the backbone of any sustainable artist business – valuable advocates.With a core fan segment of advocates, you can create new revenue streams like; direct-to-fan sales, fan-funding, donations, endorsements and much more.

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