Too Many T’s

Too Many T’s wanted to sell tickets for their November tour. To push ticket sales cost-effectively, we wanted to activate real people who already love them as fans in order to supercharge word-of-mouth pull. We set out to crowdsource reviews from Too Many T’s fans by inviting them to take part in the newly formed ‘Digital Street Team’.



The Success

● 1,235 campaign page visits in the first week showed us that 7% of their Facebook following was eager to become part of their team, proving there to be a promising base to develop advocates from!

● Cultivation and mobilization of 10 advocates ready to partake in Too Many T’s ‘Digital Street Team’!

● Quality fan-generated content was submitted, arming the advocates on the Digital Street Team, successfully spreading the word of the tour!

Four of the fan submissions
Four of the fan submissions


The Journey

The dynamic between artists and their fans is something special that if harnessed properly, can propel artists forward while giving the fans a unique collaborative experience with their favourite act! Through our interactive PR timeline, Too Many T’s asked their fans to submit reviews for their track ‘Freaky’, the funniest being rewarded with a free CD copy of their new album that could be picked up at any of their shows.

With one promoted Facebook post, we saw 7% of their Facebook fans interested in engaging with Too Many T’s on this level. Once the fan-written reviews were submitted and approved by Too Many T’s, the fan was displayed as an official collaborator, encouraging and cultivating advocates. The submitted reviews were then shared on social media paired with a ticket link to further drive ticket sales for Too Many T’s tour, successfully arming local advocates.

Our crowdsourced PR campaign tool helps us develop advocacy ready fans for artists, which in turn helps them achieve sustainable success. These fans become the force that drives an artist’s relevancy, 92% of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from friends and family far more than any sort of traditional form of advertising, showing how important it is to cultivate this dynamic. Although Too Many T’s reward was specific for fans with tickets to one of their shows, we still received quality submissions, a perfect case to show the power and passion of advocates and the redundancy of expensive PR driven by humans that couldn’t care less!

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