What attracts your fans to a platform like Banders?

At Banders, we pride ourselves with the fact that we are able to offer fans a unique experience to collaborate with their favourite or new exciting artist. But what makes this experience so special for them? Read on to find out why the Banders experience is so special for fans.

Our last few posts have given you a rundown of the Banders Artist-Advocate journey.

This is the penultimate step: understanding why collaborating with your fans is such a great opportunity for them and your career.

When you were a fan as a kid, all you wanted to do was get a glimpse and grow up and MAYBE be a part of an artists process. With Banders, artists can give their fans that opportunity. Today, consumers and fans are becoming ‘pro-sumers’ i.e. the voices behind brands/artists that can significantly affect the success of a new release if they’ve been let in earlier in the process. So, what kind of effect can fans have on a career?

Think of K-pop, the genre was first limited to Korean shows and chart metrics, however it experienced an explosion in the western music scene as international fans pushed for appearances over their social media platforms – flooding the likes of Ellen Degeneres in the hopes of getting their favourite group some airtime. K-pop super fans played a massive role in the advancement of their favourite groups careers, and they could do the same for you.

We’re also seeing specific fans browsing all the crowdfunding sites to find the next big thing they can support. To get a badge that validates their contribution to the upcoming artists.

The point is; there are fans that exist that want to go the extra mile for you. To build sustainable succes, we can see that it’s not about having a million fans but the right ones who support artists that they really believe in.

If you are a fan, being invited by an artist to contribute to their project with fan art or any type of content and to then see it be officially featured in the artists work and yourself be listed as an official collaborator, can be a dream come true. It allows for genuine collaboration between the two parties, which inevitably creates a space for fans to continuously engage and introduce their own networks to the artist.

We streamline this collaboration process for you. Banders is about cultivating and mobilising these types of fans’ voices by giving them the opportunity to support their favourite artists in a uniquely collaborative way. By giving your fans the chance to collaborate on your projects, you strengthen your community, creating valuable advocates who can grow your fanbase and help generate sales.

What we do is figure out the best way to approach them for their support and what type of content best suits your fans and project in order to optimise the organic PR and cultivate the most valuable advocates. Our tool streamlines the whole process so you can focus on making music.

Follow this link to signup for more insight on how to establish sustainable success: bit.ly/BandersCommunity

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