You may be in lockdown, but your business isn’t. Take advantage of all our time spent online.

Your business is not in a total lock down like many others. Things are just changing.
Fortnite concerts, twitch streams and so much more…

Although the music industry has taken a hit because of the ‘loss’ of live, it is crucial to remember that our business have not been forced to close like other industries. According to Hypebot, a borderless world is coming. The fact that music is and will be constantly partnered up with other entertainment verticals, has made some suggest that gaming will be a channel that allows artists to reach new audiences. Using Fortnite’s young demographic as an example, it has the potential to be a great funnel for future ticket sales in real life to kids who haven’t even experienced live music in their lives yet.

Are games a shared interest between you and your fans?

Let’s have a chat and see how could promote your music in an innovative way! 

With more time at home, you have been given a golden opportunity to activate, engage and monetise your fans than ever before. We believe that the co-dependency of the fan and the artist is highly valuable and can help artists create the advocacy ready fans they need to achieve sustainable success, with our crowdsourced pr tool, invite your fans to help with your projects whilst giving them a unique fan experience!

Figuring out the right way to start activating your fans can be difficult.

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